Oyster Channel Storm {Yamba Landscape Photographer}

Oyster Channel Storm  

This storm rolled down the river last Thursday afternoon.  Normally I would be at work (my other job as a medical receptionist) but due to a change of plans I was able to finish a little earlier than normal.  I can't believe how lucky I was to be able to photograph this storm.  I'm a 'want to be' storm chaser and photographing weather is something that I really enjoy.  After leaving work, I pulled into the driveway, grabbed my gear (in this case my Canon 5Diii and my 16 - 35mm lens) and my children as they wanted to come along also.  We raced down to Witonga Drive Boat Ramp where we had a lovely view of this storm wave as it tumbled towards us.

Even with my wide angle lens I wasn't able to capture the width of the storm from so I turned my camera sideways and captured a series of photos to stitch together as a panorama. A total of 25 photos were used to create this image.

It wasn't long before the wind whipped up white caps on the river and we could see the wall of rain heading towards us. The clouds bubbled above a mix of blue, green and grey. We ran for the car before the rain fell. Rain that heavy does not play well with electronics.

Now to wait for the next storm to roll in....