Winter Travels {Brighton Beach, Melbourne}

I had a VERY quick trip down to Melbourne on last weekend to photograph a website for a client of mine.  I love these little trips away as they refresh me both creatively and personally.  I spent some time shooting for myself and that is something I really don't do enough these days.  Arriving in a place you've never been before with fresh eyes is so inspiring,  I love recording the uniqueness of each part of the world.  Today's photo is at Brighton Beach, the temperature was about 10 degrees celsius and the wind whipped our already chilled cheeks. As we were walking back to our car I spied a swimmer decked out in his budgie smugglers and neoprene swimming cap about to go for a swim in the cold and choppy waters of Port Phillip Bay. I released my hands from my merino wool jacket to grab this photo of this gentleman who is obviously a tougher athlete than me. swimmer Vicki James