Snap Happy Workshop : 26 November 2013

Do you love photography but don't know how to move away from that AUTO button? Do you want to learn simple strategies that will get you happy with your snaps?  



"I have recently attended the Snap Happy Workshop with Vicki James and I have to admit that it was truly amazing..

This workshop was my first step into the photography world. I always had a passion for photography, but I didn't have any technical knowledge. This course provided me with everything from technical to practical photography knowledge and directed me on the right path.

I purchased my Canon 650D almost 6 months ago and continually shot in auto mode, after attending this workshop I will never EVER shoot in auto again.

With Vicki’s amazing talent & her knowledge the workshop gave me an insight of how to use my camera properly.

I would highly recommend to everyone to attend this workshop! It is well worth it!

I look forward to attending the next workshop!!

Thank you Vicki James you truly are amazing!"