Tuesday Tips #4

Welcome to Tuesday Tips! Snippets of information designed to help you take your photography further today! My Tuesday Tips stem from bits of wisdom and words of advice I have gained over 10 years of being a professional photographer.

The background of an image is just as important as the subject. You can be absolutely meticulous when composing a perfect subject, but if you don't pay attention to the background, your end result will not be a wonderful as you would like. Before pressing the shutter, do a quick scan of the composition, check each edge of the frame for things that may distract the viewer of your image, check for the cliched telephone pole or  tree 'growing' out of your subjects head.  Areas of bright colour, competing lines or random things poking in from the edges can disrupt the balance and flow of your photograph. 

The background in this photograph has been blurred using a small depth of field. This has also created the beautiful sunlight bokeh (pronounced BOH-Ka) you see on the right hand side of the image. I'll be covering how to create bokeh in next Tuesdays Tip!

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