Tuesday Tips #3


Welcome to Tuesday Tips! Snippets of information designed to help you take your photography further today! My Tuesday Tips stem from bits of wisdom and words of advice I have gained over 10 years of being a professional photographer.

The Rule of Thirds is one of the most popular 'rules' in photography. Imaginary lines are drawn on the image dividing into thirds, both horizontally and vertically.

Place the important elements of your composition where these lines interesect.  You can also arrange areas into bands, for example, the landscape may occupy the bottom band and the sky may occupy to top two bands as shown below. It is an easy rule to implement. Some of the good places to put things are a third of the way up and a third of the way in from the left . Not so good places to put things are right in the middle (dead centre) or right at the top.


The Rule of Thirds helps you to produce a nicely balanced image. Once you have got the hang of the Rule of Thirds - go ahead and break it!

Rules are best used as guidelines and if you can create a better photography by bending or ignoring the rules to go ahead and create!

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