Tuesday Tips #2


I have been brainstorming and I have a lot of new and fun stuff coming up for my  Tuesday Tips. Snippets of informations designed to help you take your photography further today! My Tuesday Tips stem from bits of wisdom and words of advice I have gained over 10 years of being a professional photographer.

Children can be wriggly little subjects to photograph and getting them to look at the camera can be rather tricky - sometimes more so when you are photographing your own children! One way I have found to grab their attention is to pop an empty Pez holder on the hot shoe (the place where you mount your flash). Pez holders are inexpensive, easily replaced and you can keep up with the latest trends quite easily. The base of the Pez dispenser was a little too wide for my hotshoe so I carefully scraped back the sides until it slid in easily.

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