Tuesday Tips #1


I am starting a simple series of photo hints and tips on Tuesdays, aptly named Tuesday Tips.  These are going to be bite sized snippets of information designed to help you take your photography further today!

Today I am talking about light.  I love to photograph the catch lights in my subjects eyes.  Catch lights are the "sparkle" that your light source creates at just the right angle in your eyes.  I love them,  I am for them,  I move my subjects around to make sure I capture them and I suggest that you should too.  Catch lights draw you in,  they brighten your subjects face and keep the eyes from looking flat.

What you need to do to is face your subject towards the light source, but not directly in it, about a 45 degree angle should do it.  Just a little light is all you need to form the catch lights. You don't want any squinting!

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I'd love to hear what you think and if you have any questions for further Tuesday Tips.  Please post your questions and comments in the space below.