Not a Super Moon but a Super Sunset

On Saturday I posted some tips on how to photograph the super moon. I have to say I love a good sky shot and to have the moon as large and as brilliant as predicted is actually quite exciting to me. I had selected my location, had my gear ready and was rugged up nice and warm and set out to capture what I hoped was going to be some unique and creative seascapes. From where I live I could see a lot of cloud on the horizon, however I was feeling hopeful that there would be a break for the moon to peek through.

I climbed Turners Beach Rocks, gear in tow and set about creating a nice little space for myself. I had clear views to both Lovers Point and the Yamba Breakwall. I had my Skyview App on my iPhone ready to go and I was set!

Entertainment as provided by some seagulls swirling and the trawlers heading out to sea for the evening.

And then I turned around to see a perfect moment - all the action was happening in the sunset behind me! A classic Clarence River Super Sunset.