Molly and Kelven (60th Wedding Anniversary)

"We've never had one argument in out lives" Kelven told me when we started their photo session.

"Really?" I questioned, already knowing that they had been friends since they were 11 and 12 years old and dating since their teens, "you're pulling my leg".

"We've had thousands" he laughed and then looked at Molly adoringly.

This year Molly and Kelven are celebrating the Diamond Wedding anniversary. What a journey they have had and an amazing life experienced together. Kelven shared some of their stories with me and it is so lovely to hear of lives well lived and loved, of children, grand children and great grandchildren, of trials and of jubilation's.

I photograph so many weddings, then my brides pregnancies and little newborns, their growing families and sometimes their children's graduations from school. It's special to be a part of recording a life journey. The thing that draws me to photography most of of all is the people I meet and get to know and to be able to tell their story through photos.. Molly and Kelven had a lot to share and I thoroughly enjoyed out morning together. Congratulations to you both, you've definitely earned your stripes!