Fun Photo Tip and a Mamarazzi Workshop {How to take better photos of your children}

Raise your hand if : •you have a newborn

•you have an infant or baby

•you have a toddler

•you have a preschooler

•you have a tween or teen

•you have a that child hates it when you point the camera at them

•you would love to take better photos of your children

I am holding a photography workshop at Bels Brass Razoo in Maclean on 18 August 2011 from 12pm to 2pm. We'll be covering topics that I am asked most about when taking photos of children. I have also allowed 30 minutes for one on one questions. If there's something you particularly like covered I have set up a discussion tab on my Facebook page for you to post your questions (you will need to 'like' the page before your can post). This is going to be a fun and relaxed workshop. I want you to walk away from this workshop with ideas on how to refine your technique as a mum or dad photographer and capture winning photos of your kids. I also want to enjoy getting to know each of you and hear your stories about the photos you have captured that you love. After all, photography is all about the love of images. I really hope to meet you there!


Fun Photo Tip!

Windows are your friends! Even if you don't have huge windows in your house, the light coming in from outside is almost always better than your on camera flash. Window light works perfectly for sweet baby portraits like this one. Just watch your exposure though, you don't want to "blow out" the whites and loose all your detail.

What are you waiting for? Go and find a window and start shooting!