Endessas Beauty Spot and Rae Morris

As a photographer I get to do really cool stuff  and hang out with really cool people. And like I really so fit in. Not! Last Sunday I called into photograph a small section of a workshop being given by Rae Morris-Australia's top make up artist which was being held at Endessa's Beauty Spot.

Endessa is my go-to girl when it comes to make up. She does amazing work every week with my brides. I just love it when I know Endessa and I are working together. Endessa has been doing make up professionally for 15 years and has trained with Rae Morris and Napoleon. She's worked at Melbourne Fashion Week two years running with Rae and continues to assist Rae with various workshops. We are so lucky to have her!

Here's a few photos from my visit:


Rae working some of her magic:


Thinking Rae probably knows and has been photographed by the best fashion photographers in the business, I was a little nervous taking this photo of Endessa and Rae, so I did what all good photographers do...I unfurled the reflector! Go me, I'm so professional! I'm sure she was impressed when I folded it up.