8 week old portraits of the furry kind {My life}

To say that my girls were excited this weekend is the understatement of the year. You see, we have been counting down for more than two months for the arrival of Chrissy, my mum and dads new golden retriever puppy. Mum and Dad picked up Chrissy on Saturday afternoon and the girls were around there like a shot. As soon as I had finished my wedding and downloaded the images we were in the car and on Mum and Dads doorstep and in the door pretty much all in 3 seconds flat (they only live around the corner from me). She is adorable. There are no other words. An 8 week old puppy can be nothing but. Even though it was raining we took her outside for a little play and her first photo shoot. Storm (Mum and Dads big golden retriever) cam along too. All of a sudden he's decided that he too can play catch the ball!

Here's some fun pics from our little play:

Amongst all that love there is a puppy in there somewhere!