Chloe and Luke {A beautiful country wedding}

Chloe and Luke’s wedding was always going to be one of the highlights of 2011 for me. You see, Chloe has a love for photography and she has been assisting me at some of my weddings for the last 6 months. We’ve hung out, laughed and giggled, travelled to Byron Bay and Bangalow together, eaten ice cream at 10.30pm, listened to each other’s stories and talked weddings. Oh, have we talked weddings! I used to tease Chloe that her wedding was a like a circuit class, in one corner you had the lolly bar, next to that the wishing well, after you’d finished there,  the Wedding Tree was waiting to be stamped…

In all seriousness, Chloe had designed a wedding that was totally her. It was a day surrounded by closest family and friends and held in one of my favourite locations, Sanna's Gardens. It was filled with personal and unique touches, thoughtfulness and emotion. I mean, what bride is thinking of the photographers kids at 11.00pm at night? But there was Chloe stuffing handfuls of lollies into bags because if she left it up to me, I’d be stingy.

Even though I could probably tell you Chloe and Luke’s story, I thought I’d give Chloe the opportunity. Chloe tells it better than me and I’m a sucker for a good story. I love that this is just the beginning of their story and I can’t wait to be involved in the upcoming chapters as they unfold.

Chloe’s Story.

Any good love story starts with once upon a time and ends with happily ever after.

My love story isn’t any different, it’s better!

Once upon a time, what feels like a lifetime ago, a boy and a girl crossed paths. No one would have known back then that it would be a path that they would travel together from that moment onwards.

It all started with a simple look and a cheeky grin that puts a smile from ear to ear on the girls face. They leave it at a smile and spend the following hours wondering what the other is thinking and whether the other felt the attraction that they felt. It gets the better of the girl and she is not one for playing hard to get so locates the boy’s phone number and sends him a message, ‘Hi’.

Typically bloke replies ‘Hello’.

That’s all it took to start what would grow into a blossoming romance!

While work took them apart for several months, it made them realize that they could not live without one another. They made a house their home and started setting foundations for what would be a positive future together.

One day, the boy pulls the girl’s father aside and asks for his daughter’s hand in marriage, thankfully the father says yes!

The boy then turns on his romantic side and walks the girl out to the end of the pier and asks her to be his wife. Between the tears, laughs and jumping about the girl ecstatically says yes! Five minutes after the boy proposed the girl started planning their wedding. Twelve months later the day finally arrived, they would be married today!

Walking down the aisle hand in hand with her Mum and Dad to her knight in shining armor, she wore a smile from ear to ear along with a few tears as the day she had been dreaming about was here! They exchange vows, rings and sealed the deal with a kiss! They had married their true loves and won’t look back!

They will live happily ever after as husband and wife!


The girls day started at Pure Shine Hair Design, Yamba:


Then we headed out to Lawrence where the girls were getting ready.


The girls make up was by Endessa at Endessas Beauty Spot


Gorgeous florals by Mark and Janelle at Rosehip:


We all travelled across the Lawrence Ferry on our way to Sanna's Gardens, a private garden in Palmers Island:


Christine Preston was chosen by Chloe and Luke to be the celebrant on the day:


Ring drop!


There's something about a country wedding, it's wonderfully relaxed and charming.


After our bridal party photos we headed up the road to the Commercial Hotel, Ulmarra for a wonderful dinner and celebratory party;



Jo from Party Art always make a delicious cake. Decorated with flowers from Rosehip.undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

The Honour Roll:

Marriage Celebrant: Christine Preston

Florals: Rosehip Flowers

Brides Hair: Pure Shine Hair Design

Make Up: Endessa Beauty Spot

Ceremony:Sannas Gardens, Palmers Island

Reception: Commercial Hotel, Ulmarra

Entertainment: Ford Brothers

Caterer: Commercial Hotel, Ulmarra