Candice | maternity portraits

Yamba Family Photographer I was really, really looking forward to photographing Candice and her gorgeous girls, I had visions of them running in the grass, sunlight glinting off their long, the Pacific Ocean glimmering in the background....but on the day of their photo shoot, this is what God had planned for us, serious!

Yamba Photographer

I guess it was a 'no' for sunshine!

With thunder rumbling in the back ground and distant lighting flashes we decided to go ahead with our shoot for as long as we could (and was safe). I just didn't want to postpone as knowing my luck Candice may have gone into labour then there would be no chance for a maternity session! And besides, how often do you get the chance to have a back drop like this!

Yamba Pregnancy Photographer

Yamba Maternity Photographer

Pregnancy Photographer, Maternity Photographer

Childrens Photographer Yamba

Gorgeous girls:

Family Photographer Yamba

Childrens Photographer Yamba

Family Photographer Yamba

This is one of my favourites:

Childrens Photographer Yamba

Portrait Photographer Yamba

Family Photographer Yamba

Pregnany Photographer Yamba

Maternity Photographer Yamba

Family Photographer Yamba, Maternity Photographer Yamba

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