Jasmine Star in Australia....yeah baby!!

Oh. My. Gosh! When I saw Jasmine Star was holding The Workshop in Australia I had to be there. Like had too. Had to like I need air! I clicked to register and hoped and prayed that I would be one of the 20 lucky people to secure a seat.... But I didn't, and that was ok,  because a few weeks later I received and email to say that I had a seat in a second workshop. Yippeee! I text my fiance to let him know, thought about it for 2 minutes and then made my booking. I was in!  Then I jumped around the lounge like a mad thing.

For those who are unfamiliar with Jasmine Star, she is one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world. She has grown her business with love and passion all the while 'keeping it real'. I have been following her blog since about August 2006.  Ahem, yes, my name is Vicki and I am a Jasmine Star Fanatic.

When I met Jasmine, I felt like I already knew her, she shares so much of her life on her blog.

I barely slept a wink the night before the workshop. I was so excited and a little star struck. I was so scared I would giggle like a school girl and forget my name. I'm not going to share the ins and outs of The Workshop, but please know, if she ever comes to our shores again, sign up!

I was really looking forward to our shoot in the afternoon. I wanted to see how Jasmine handled the midday Australian sun and how she worked with the bride and groom. All I can say, is watching Jasmine is like watching ballet, everything  just flowed. JD is Jasmines husband and second shooter and he was on hand to give out advice freely. On Jasmines blog she often mentions his support and I know that I am lucky to have a partner who is just as supportive.

After The Workshop we all laughed, shared and asked more questions. I didn't want to the night to end, I didn't want to not have The Workshop to look forward to and I didn't want to leave my new friends. What I do have to look forward to though is a clearer path for my hopes and dreams,  happiness for the future and  some fantastic new photographer friends to celebrate our successes and help with our failures. Life is good.

I didn't take a lot of photos at The Workshop as I really wanted to watch and learn and with about 20 gifted photographers surrounding me, there is much I can learn! Often you can't use photos taken at workshops for your own portfolio, however with Jasmines workshop we had some gorgeous models with amazing dresses, flowers and accessories and we could photograph to our hearts content!

Some of my photos :

Australian wedding photographer, Jasmine Star The Workshop

Sydney Wedding Photographer, Jasmine Star The Workshop

Yamba Wedding Photographer, Jasmine Star The Workshop

Yamba Wedding Photographer, Jasmine Star The Workshop

I love that I can now say that I have met Jasmine Star and JD and I hope some of their 'fabulousness' has rubbed off on me!

Until next time,


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The Honour Roll:

Our amazing models: Alana and Karim, Kara Tranter

Beautiful Flowers: Daisy Chain Florist

Stunning Dresses: Catherine Colubriale

Hair and Make Up: Lyndal Quin-Tuccarone

And  the whole workshop was pulled together without a fault by the hard working Cathy Crawley. Thanks Cathy for all your behind the scenes work. Much appreciated!