Harry | 4 weeks


Today I had a mini session for Harry. That means as many photos as I can take in 20 minutes whilst posing the baby, holding the reflector and touching the shutter. I was 'babysitting' you see!! His mum went out to lunch with his dad. They should probably do that more often.

If anyone would like some 'babysitting' please contact me.  I love all babies, especially those under 6 weeks. Since there will be no more 'baby having' on my side I'm happy to love yours, even if it's just for 20 minutes!

Yamba Newborn Photographer

I have also been prop shopping, please admire the gorgeous soft rug Harry is sleeping on and lovely beanie hand knitted by my mum. There's also a pink beanie on the way for a little baby who is coming to see me when she is born!!

Until next time,