kerri | pregnancy portraits

From the beginning of August I have been a busy girl, and will continue to be busy until beginning of December when I think I will have my first weekend off! And I couldn't be happier!!!!! I have so many photos to share with you, from weddings to pregnancy's to newborn babies, all coming up over the next three months. I have to pinch myself sometimes, I just can't believe that I get to have a front row seat on  some of the happiest days of peoples lives. So lucky.

This blog post is about my sister Kerri who is expecting her new little boy at the end of September. It will the first grandson for my parents and a little brother for Mikhaila. We seem to only have girls in our family, so it's very exciting. I have organised to take the day off work on the day she has him so I can be over there at the hospital to take early photos.



The wind was absolutely howling, there was no where protected to shoot, so we couldn't take as many as I would like. I'm hoping we can make the time to get out there again before the baby comes.


I don't have too many with Matt,  he doesn't like photos and he doesn't like wind, putting the two together wasn't a good combo!


More to come later!

Until next time,