poor persons macro lens

I would really love a macro lens, just like I would really love a lot of things but unfortunately my kids get hungry and we like having a roof over our heads, so I have settled with some macro filters. They came a few weeks ago but I only had a chance to pull them out and have a play over this last weekend. I haven't really ever done an awful lot of macro photography so this is a just a first go at something new. Just sharing. We all have to start somewhere.





For the techy/nerdy/geeky friends I have, the filter I was using was a 1:1 if it was on a 50mm lens, full frame. What I was actually using was a 1:1 filter, on an 85mm 1.8 with a 1.6x. When I have time, I'll do the math....or maybe someone can do it for me and send me the answer!

Until next time,