People have been sharing stories for as long as there have been people on earth. Stories are the lengths of string that knit us together, they pull us back to memories, experiences and feelings. They take us back to the emotions we felt when when we were creating that memory.

I am a story teller. I tell stories in photos.

My dream was and always will be to create meaningful photos that tell the story of the person in front of me; to capture more than the light falling on their face, more than the texture of their skin. I want to capture the intangible, the heart and the soul. I have a deep interest in people, a great curiosity about what makes them tick, about their lives, their challenges and how they cope; about what brings then joy and happiness. I deeply admire people who deal with daily challenges and heartache with grace and fortitude.

About 12 years ago I found my self in a position I had never expected to be in. A single mum with next to no money. I said to myself, 'OK Vicki, you have a camera and a bit of talent (according to Clive, my Darwin photography teacher), you'd better go and make something with this!"

I took risks and I learned to trust myself. I tried to learn my grandfathers talent of joke telling. I couldn't. What I lack in humour I make up for in making you feel comfortable in front of a camera.   

A series of serendipitous events has lead me to be the person and the photographer I am today; a dedicatated, passionate and caring photographer. I understand that making the decision to employ a professional photographer can be confronting the first time which is why I pride myself on providing every client an amazing experience as well as beautiful photos. I believe that is why my clients return year after year. 

My clients appreciate the skill it takes to create natural, timeless and soulful images and they enjoy caring and attentive service I provide. They value their photographs are are willing to invest time for us to create them. 

My photos are more than photos. They are my vessel for storytelling. I would be honoured to tell your story.